Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Big Chop

We hired a serious strimmer with a metal blade and flattened the brambles, nettles, grass and weeds. I don't think a string strimmer would have coped with the thick brambles.

I have been drawing up a plan.. well, I say plan it's changed every day so far.  Obviously, I want it be a productive patch, but not too overwhelming and reasonably low maintenance. So we are going to try to have a plot with raised beds and covered and mulched pathways. There is a stock of free bark chippings at the allotments to use.

We want to get something in the ground and so we are planning to get a few beds dug.
I'm thinking carrots and spinach to start. We've a lot growing at home in containers ( Different salad, herbs, strawberries, aubergines, peppers, dwarf beans and peas ) - so it not like we not trying!

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