Sunday, 30 January 2011

Introducing my new boy!

Little One Number 2

Hello my blogger friends! He doesn't yet have his own wellies but he'll grow up on the plot like Little One number 1. He was born in October - actually a little early and since then we've been on wonderful babymoon!! 
Well, I hadn't been to the plot for absolutely ages. It was being rampaged by weeds when I saw it in Sept/Oct. I was a little daunted to go a visiting, as I'd built up the amount of work it would take to sort out in my head. But when I popped in last week it was quiet and still in the winter light. The fact that it all stops growing in winter it good as it isn't running away from me - it's waiting for me now!
I pulled some fine parsnips and carrots and left very optimistic for 2011.