Sunday, 1 August 2010

I've returned !

It's not only the blog which has been neglected, the poor lottie has been rather left too. I have been totally lifted out of my life for a whole month for work and now dropped back in. I'm playing catch up with life. My son. My man. My home. My garden...and my plot.

Although the plot has had occasional waterings it has had to survive without me. If I'm honest I was totally devastated when I finally got back down to my plot. The weeds were 2-3' high. The courgettes had stopped producing and two enormous marrows lay in the leaves. Broccoli gone to flower. Beans were alive but hadn't grown with any particular vigour. Tomatoes had survived but needed serious tying in and trimming.

So I've had time for two visits in the last week. I've pulled out many many weeds. Drenched the beans. Tied, trimmed, watered and feed the tomatoes. Eaten raspberries. Harvested carrots and a single beetroot. Tied in cucumbers, and harvested a few. Hauled out the majority of the onions and garlic, leaving them in the shed to dry on a mesh rack. The garlic seemed smaller than last year. Onions could have been bigger too I think.

But mostly I've wandered the plot six months pregnant, contemplating. I feel guilty that I haven't monopolised on everything growing. The gooseberries I did pick went mouldy in a bag in the fridge - If only I'd put them in the freezer! The rest of the goosegogs went too far on the bushes and popped. The raspberries and the tayberries are rampant and need controlling. The weeds. Oh the weeds. The paths need covering. Oh, I haven't had the best season on the plot. Will next year be any better with a baby in tow? Maybe it shouldn't be all doom and gloom, after all nothing was dead! Perhaps with a a few more visits I shall get on top of the work and shan't be as daunted by it all. It can be revived and invigorated soon again. Here's hoping!