Friday, 24 October 2008

Super Aquadolce are Go!

It has taken me a bit longer then planned to get some broad beans in the ground. Although I had the bed ready well over a week ago, I have been too busy to plant the beans. But I snuck down to the allotment for an hour today. I also delivered my new incinerator which I have to admit I'm overly keen to use and burn all those weed roots up. 

I have planted two double rows of Super Aquadolce broad beans in the raised bed which I previously dug out all the weed roots and forked in a bag of well rotted manure. I have taken a bit of a risk by planting the two double rows  closer than recommended about 50cm (70cm centres) - this will be another experiment then! the recommended distance is 1m. I have put some enviromesh over the beans as I had some sitting in the shed and thought it would keep in the heat and may help the germination.

I also happened to check the soil pH and it was exactly on the line between 6 and 7 - I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think it's good!

Next to go in are the garlic cloves but I need a new bed dug; not to mention the paths that I want to mulch, the raspberry bed preparing and compost bin locating... Where are those helpful elves when you need them? 

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What an Ugly Mess!

Well, I ashamed to say this is my plot. I just looks so terrible now. But I hope this will be a good photo to look back at in the future to see how much we have done.
Some folks pass by and say "Oh you're brave taking on that plot!".

Of the two beds covered there in envioromesh the one on the right is the carrot experiment and the one on the left is the cabbage and kale bed.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

No.1 Carrot

This is my beautiful perfect first carrot. 
It's about 8" long, well, was - of course, after skipping home from lottie with it to show the family, it was devoured almost instantly. It was flakee variety....... wonderfully straight don't you think?
Aah! I'm so pleased that I took the trouble to remove the larger stones, to turn in that lovely compost and cover it in the warming envioromesh. The soil is very sandy here and I knew the carrots would love that. I have learnt a lesson with the seed tapes - I'm not put off at all, I just want to make sure I over seed them next time. I'm thinking of trying to get some more in this weekend.

I prepared a raised bed today which I shall plant up tomorrow with cabbage and kales that my lovely sister gave me.