Monday, 23 June 2008

Day 2... Sizing up

Mama, Papa and Boy admired plot today, measured up and pondered with fertile imaginations the potential of our 42' x 21' overgrown allotment.
I can't wait to see our plot without all the brambles, nettles, grass and weeds.
We need a shed so we don't have to carry tools to and fro. 
We are starting the great scavenge from now on... looking for boards to create the raised beds, pallets to create the compost area, paving slabs or gravel, membrane & mulch, some more tools and a pile of well rotted manure. 
I'd also like something to fill with sand for the boy! He had fun today playing with some child's watering can, another's tonka crane and managed to get a very muddy face too
I'm chomping at the bit to start and get something in the ground - perhaps some carrots, leeks and spinach as recommended by our new friend D?

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