Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Made with my own hands.

Ignore the fact that it needs a scrub...

Note: The hinged top...

and the removable front panel.

I have been claiming stuff from skips since we took on the allotment. As soon as I laid eyes on this pallet crate I could see it as a cold frame. It was another day and another skip when I claimed the plastic twin-wall sheeting. The other timber came from here and there. Bar the hinges which I already had, this creation cost me nothing but my time and plenty of elbow grease.
The base was very heavy - it's the type of crate that paving slabs and roof tiles are supplied in, so I had to saw out the majority of the structure and weight out of the bottom. Leaving it strong and stable and heavy enough to have no chance of being blown over by the wind. 
It's some of the finest bodging I've ever done. I'm very pleased with it. 

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Maureen said...

Well done, you have made a great job. So many woman feel they have to have a man to do these things for them. NOT TRUE ! we are as capable as them, so good on you, it looks great.