Friday, 27 February 2009


Frozen ground 6.1.09

I'm sorry to desert my blog for so long..... As it is a diary of Lottie I should run through what's been happening since I last posted. 
I dug another bed next to our seating area. This bed will be for flowers and herbs and for my little under-gardener to practice gardening in. In the picture above you can see the pallet box which I am making in to a cold frame/mini greenhouse, it is sitting on said bed.
Not much happened in December except I forgot to plant garlic on the shortest day! - so the experiment I was planning - plant on the shortest, harvest on the longest day - will have to wait another year.
January was cold and the ground was frozen hard (as above) so digging was suspended. I did manage to get some free turf from a job so we have a little grassy patch alongside the shed - which looks a little silly at the moment within the chaos but shall be our little spot of sanctuary soon.

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